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  • Widest possible instruments

    including instant transfer systems integration

  • Social orientation

    Trust limits and trust management system

  • Earning possibility roles, programs, fees for activities, commission back

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ITO finished. Thank you for support

Total raised

1,662,752.00 USD

Datarius Credit token

Total DTRC supply: 239,992,867.33

ERC20 Contract: 0xc20464e0c373486d2b3335576e83a218b1618a5e

Decimals: 18

Token Symbol: DTRC

«Datarius P2P financial platform let me see the possibility of a new financial institutions in the near future.»

Jason Hung. Chairman MBAT Bank

Irish Tech News

Bussiness Showcase: Datarius Cryptobank

Press About Us

About Us

Datarius cryptobank is a decentralized partially closed system.

As a P2P platform, the system enables users to decide themselves whether to use any of variable services and applications. This in turn allows to almost completely reduce transaction costs.

Datarius serves as a direct link between lenders, borrowers, and the related services – managers, analysts, insurance companies, funds, trading terminals.

To provide a high level of automation, which will help overcome the classic stereotypeness of both the system and services, and communication with the consumer. To socialize the fintech product through open comments on participants and transactions, through “people’s” ratings and trust limits. To get away from the annoying imposing of the product line. To stand with the customer and to provide an active and competent participant with the opportunity to earn profit along with the project through special functions, co-branding and partner programmes. To become open and transparent in everything.

We want to demonstrate by our own example that the decentralization and lack of boundaries are benefits, and that a financial company can and shall be a partner, a guide and a friend.

What Do We Do?

Our main task is to provide people from all over the world with a free and equal access to the maximum number of financial products. Our primary mission is to create an entirely new transparent financial product. To provide a customer with clear tools and greater opportunities. To ensure freedom of choice and action.

Our Advantages:

  • – the most complete set of financial tools: Currency Transactions (automatic exchange / internal exchange / TOP exchange gateways), Direct Lending (3 options), Investment Programmes (2 options), Credits for SMEs, Demand Deposits, Intrasystem Card Products (both direct – inside the intrasystem unit, and gateway through partner companies);
  • – a completely new approach to the credit scoring through the new unique algorithms, based on already existing data received from partner companies;
  • – internal users’ accounts are duplicated by real physical accounts that further widen opportunities for the period of the blockchain economy development;
  • – Would you like to know about the app that collects data as soon as it is published? The E Yuan is the digital coin introduced by the Government of China. The Yuan Pay app that supports E Yuan gathers the news within microseconds reading upto a billions of web pages relased. The app is equipped with NLP which reads human language.
  • – enhanced integration of links between cryptocurrency and fiat, including the integration of instant transfer systems;
  • – unique verification methods combined with already existing blockchain projects in this segment;
  • – a trust limit system with the opportunity to set a limit for a particular user / group / all users according to the pre-defined criteria, which makes the system even more social.
  • We would be glad if you share our concept and idea of the project. We would be grateful for any personal participation and support. “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” (Confucius).
  • Cryptorize!

There are a few more basic differences from the traditional banking system, which should be emphasized.

INSTRUMENTS Limited by specialization Field-specific Widest possible
CLIENT EARNING POSSIBILITY IN COOPERATION WITH A BANK Excluded Not applicable Possible (roles, programs, fees for activities, commission back)
LENDING Traditional Simple P2P Package landing (3 levels of landing)
CURRENCY EXCHANGE More than 5% Less than 5% 0%
RISK-MANAGEMENT, SCORING Obsolete statistics Bigdata + sometimes AI Bigdata + partners + AI
INTEGRATION OF EXTERNAL SERVICES THROUGH PUBLIC APIS Impossible or slow and di cult Possible Possible; easy and fast
TRUST LEVEL Trust to the bank Symbiosis of institute and blockchain Distributed registry technology (blockchain)
MONITORING Centralized model Symbiosis of institute and blockchain Decentralized model
FUNDS MONITORING Bank Symbiosis of institute and blockchain Biometric
TRANSACTION SPEED Days Minutes Minutes
TRANSACTION FEE Up to 5% Less than 0.5% Less than 0.5%
SOCIAL ORIENTATION Conservative Not applicable Open. Trust limits and trust management
TRANSFERS VOLUME Limited Individually Individually
MONETARY PARADIGM Fiat only Fiat – crypt Fiat-crypt-fiat in any combination
MULTINATIONAL TRANSFER Monitored, slow and expensive Non-personalized Non-personalized, fast and cheap
PLAY RULES Directed Symbiosis of institute and blockchain Democratic
SCALABILITY Slow and expensive Fast Fast and cheap
INSTANT TRANSFER SYSTEMS INTEGRATION Partnership Not applicable Integration with due account for users limit
USER TRAINING Minimum Not applicable Online guide at every stage of development
GEOGRAPHY OF PRESENCE Limit on capital and regulator No limits No limits
COMMUNICATION WITH THE CUSTOMER Template approach Indefinitely Individually based on AI


  • P2P

    P2P technology

    Datarius cryptobank is a decentralized partially closed system.

    As a P2P platform, the system enables users to decide themselves whether to use any of variable services and applications. This in turn allows to almost completely reduce transaction costs.

  • SSL


    The Datarius Cryptobank secures all communications through the higher-order cryptographic protocol.

    The bank uses: an asymmetric cryptography to authenticate exchange keys; symmetric encryption to preserve the confidentiality; message authentication codes to ensure message integrity.

  • API


    The Datarius Cryptobank works with the maximum set of predefined classes, procedures, functions, structures and constants provided by the external applications or operating systems.

    They are used in external software products to enhance customer convenience.

  • Support


    The Datarius Cryptobank has an automated system aimed at helping people to solve 2 main tasks:

    – to choose the best of many possible solutions (optimization)

    – to order possible solutions according to the preferences (ranking)

  • Contracts


    The Datarius Cryptobank has integrated a computer algorithm into all the financial instruments provided.

    The algorithm is designed for the establishment and support of commercial contracts between the system users.

  • Biometrics


    The Datarius Cryptobank analyzes the physical and behavioral traits of its users to identify and control access to financial services.

  • Collaboration


    The Datarius Cryptobank is committed to build relationships between users under the many-to-many pattern.

  • Big Data


    The Datarius Cryptobank relies on aggregate values available through the analysis of enormous volumes of structured data, which are effectively processed by horizontally scaled software tools.

  • applied


    The scoring analysis of the Datarius partners is based on the customers’ behavioral patterns in the future rather than on the statistical data of the past due to the use of intelligent systems.

  • Ledger


    Datarius Cryptobank develops its architecture on the blockchain technology – a digital transaction ledger, which can be shared with a distributed network of market participants and literally change the logic of business management.

Datarius: Progressive Cryptobanking

Mobile app

  • All financial tools on your mobile phone screen

    Possibility of immediate loan

    Payments in credit in partners’ points

    Immediate payment with conversion

    Receiving-sending international transfers

    Immediate receiving of trust limits

    Information about your investment portfolio

    Notification on planned operations

    Immediate ultra-cheap transactions

    Gateway to third-party payment systems and possibility to work with all types of currency (crypto/fiat)

    Sterling bank on your mobile phone screen!

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What is Datarius?

Datarius is the first social P2P cryptobank.

Our main goal is to demonstrate that fintech can be completely different.

We decided not to impose any services to users. We will provide three listings with the different trust levels – from the borrowers minimally verified by the system algorithms and to the completely transparent borrowers, thoroughly reviewed by the project’s Risk Department. Any interested user, at any time, can personally order one or another related service – in-depth computer evaluation, evaluation by project partners, evaluation by the Risk Department, evaluation by user-managers. The results will be immediately available to all other users. Accordingly, one or another application can automatically shift from one listing to another in keeping with the wishes of the project participants, and not merely as preferred by the submitting user. Thus, Datarius provides its users with complete freedom of choice both in terms of actions and cost.

Datarius also provides its partner projects, including blockchain, as well as simple professional users or users who have completed training, with the possibility to increase their status in the ecosystem and independently determine the cost of their services and earn with the project, acting at the same time as a participant and a consumer of services.

– Datarius is the only fintech project to declare the socialization by providing the Trust Limit, Trust Management and User Ratings.

– Datarius is the only project providing its users with the full freedom of action and opportunity to create the service value chain by themselves.

– The Datarius team has the expertise and opportunities to open training centers to build the financial literacy and to train to operate directly on the credit market.

– Datarius is the only cryptoproject to declare the implementation of instant money transfer systems such as Western Union, Money Gramm, Transferwise.

Datarius is the first project to declare the whole fintech market in a single window.

What makes Datarius stand out from the similar projects?

First and foremost, the Datarius project was intended as a unique social fintech project. What does it mean? We decided to provide our users with almost full freedom of action and to completely remove the team core from the main project’s functions, reserving only the platform technical support, a wide range of additional services and marketing. This step paves the way for minimizing the cost of all services. The cost of all services will be build by the users independently, thanks to a convenient designer. Almost at any step, absolutely any user will be able to order any additional service provided directly by the Datarius Cryptobank team or by accredited third-party services.

Datarius is the only cryptoproject that integrates such social functions as Trust Limit and Trust Management. Any user can provide access to a certain amount of funds at one time to a specific user or a group of users. The users will no longer need to constantly log into their accounts to make small similar transactions.

Datarius is the first project aimed at implementing the most frequently used and popular functionality in a “single window” mode. We implement the best classical solutions, remove the drawbacks, make it available from any nook of the world, socialize and get the product, which most relevant to the market requirements and needs.

Please, tell us more about the team. Where are you from? What is your expertise?

Information about the project team is fully open and can be found in our draft of White Paper. We have a very international team. Physically, we are all scattered around the globe – from Malaysia to Costa Rica. Every member of the team is a real expert in his/her field. The entire Datarius core has no less than 10 years of the continuous work experience within its field of competence. The core management team has experience in banking and financial spheres, including work with non-performing loans, experience in large international companies. The technical arm of the project is ultra-class professionals, enthused about their work and pioneers in the field of decentralized technologies. We also have a strong legal support.

We have no doubt in the competence of each key player of the project. Today we are actively recruiting and training the support staff.

When do you plan to show the MVP?

Due to the research results in response to the market request and with a view to optimizing the processes, we have found it necessary to change our initial plans. The user interfaces and the basic platform for P2P lending are almost ready, but we decided to implement the project on our own blockchain right away. Today, we are working on the description of the terms of reference. According to our road, we plan to get a pre-alpha version of the basic system by June, 2018 and on April 2, 2019 to already launch a fully-developed commercial product for a wide audience of users.

Why is DTRC token unique?

DTRC token is a unique access key to the future cryptobank. All Datarius Cryptobank services will be available through DTRC tokens. To provide or get a loan, to access the Trust Limit, to invest in package investments, to participate in the formation of a package loan offer and much more – all this will be possible exceptionally in DTRC.

The final number of Datarius ecosystem tokens will be determined through the main round – ITO.

Thus, no matter how many tokens have been released up to the last second of the ITO – this number will be final. There will be no additional token emission. Never.

The popularity of the First Social Cryptobank Datarius will grow, the number of users will increase, the list of financial instruments will be constantly extended and enhanced, and the number of tokens (the main tool) will forever remain the same.

Moreover, ALL active users of the Datarius ecosystem will be rewarded by a special DTRR (DaTaRius Reward), which amount to 65% of all Datarius fees and charges.

What is the price of the DTRC token now and what will it be over N time?

We do not sell DTRC tokens. Anyone wishing to become a contributor of the project pays for the registration and data processing, and receives tokens as a bonus. The nominal value of the DTRC token is 0.01$.

During the ITO there is a special bonus program:

– the first 6 hours from the start + 30% of the tokens

– the following 6 hours + 25% of the tokens

– 12-24 hours upon the ITO start + 20% of tokens

– 24-48 hours +15% of tokens

– 48 hours – 15 days +10% of tokens

Starting from the 15th day until the end of the ITO, only referral bonuses will operate.

We cannot and do not have the right to guarantee any growth of the token on the free market. Answering this question, we should emphasize the following fact: the final number of the Datarius ecosystem tokens will be determined through the main round – ITO. There will be no additional token emission. Never. In turn, we expect a continuous increase in the number of the ecosystem users and project it to reach 1,000,000 of active users by May, 2019.

Which benefits will the DTRC token holders experience?

All users who own DTRC tokens will have an exclusive opportunity to participate in attracting new users to the Datarius ecosystem. They will also be monthly rewarded by a special DTRR (DaTaRius Reward), which amount to 65% of all Datarius fees and charges. The Darius Project, being the first social cryptobank, retains only 35% of the company’s profit for maintaining the system’s efficiency, modernization, popularization and expansion.

What will be the total number of the DTRC tokens emitted?

The final number of Datarius ecosystem tokens will be determined through the main round – ITO.

Thus, no matter how many tokens have been released up to the last second of the ITO – this number will be final. There will be no additional token emission. Never.

When and which exchanges will the DTRC token be available on?

The list will be determined within 14 days upon the ITO completion. Immediately after the ITO ends, the DTRC token becomes available in the pool of our partner Bancor.

To keep up on the latest news and updates – join our Telegram channel

How to participate in the ITO?

You need to register at https://ito.datarius.io and then follow the instructions. We accept the following currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCC. You need to contact us if you want to participate with fiat money or currency valued at over $ 50,000

Find more detailed instructions at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UNoQ2rtAe9GxCMlyFt8gBYn15qBDN_SExDqo5AmZbgg/view#

How to know the date of the ITO completion?

Main round of the ITO will be held from 05.03.2018 till 05.04.2018

May I pay in fiat money?

You can pay in fiat currency, but you should know that in this case the tokens will be emitted only upon the payment receipt – this means that you might not be in time to get bonuses. The exception is the confirmed intentions, previously agreed with the project coordinators (a blank sheet), as well as contributorship before the launch of the ITO (in this case tokens will be credited at the moment of the ITO launch).

It is also worth taking into account that the DTRC token is an ERC20 token, which means that you will need the Ethereum wallet IN ANY CASE.

Which bonuses will be available during the ITO?

During the ITO there is a special bonus program:

– the first 6 hours from the start + 30% of the tokens

– the following 6 hours + 25% of the tokens

– 12-24 hours upon the ITO start + 20% of tokens

– 24-48 hours +15% of tokens

– 48 hours – 15 days +10% of tokens

Starting from the 15th day until the end of the ITO, only referral bonuses will operate.

What is the minimum amount to participate in the ITO?

0.01 BTC

0.01 LTC

0.01 BCC

0.01 ETH

Do you have any escrows?

Yes. The ITO campaign is of the “All or Nothing” type. This means that if the SoftCap is not reached before the end of the ITO, all contributions will be returned. This functionality is fully integrated into our Smart Contract.

What is the DTRC token type?

Today, the DTRC token is a standard ERC20 token. With the transition to its own blockchain, it will be exchanged at the rate of 1 to 1.

Where to store the DTRC token?

Token DTRC is a standard ERC20 token. It will be automatically transferred to the specified ETH wallet. You shall specify EXCLUSIVELY (!) a wallet from which you have a private key to avoid losing the token. Learn more at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UNoQ2rtAe9GxCMlyFt8gBYn15qBDN_SExDqo5AmZbgg/view#

How many tokens do I get for …. BTC/ETH/etc?

Use the calculator on site to find out how many DTRC tokens will be credited to you when paying the specific authorization amount.

What is the best wallet to store DTRC token in?

We recommend MyEtherWallet.com

Find more information on the compatible wallets at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UNoQ2rtAe9GxCMlyFt8gBYn15qBDN_SExDqo5AmZbgg/view#

Is there any referral program for the ITO participants?

Yes. Click here ito.datarius.io to learn more about the terms of the Referral Program:

What will you do with undistributed tokens?

We won’t emit them.

My token balance shows up 0. What to do?

This situation is possible for various reasons. First of all it is useful to review the FAQ regarding the ITO participation:


and make sure that you have:

– entered your ETH address for the tokens to be credited to after payment and stored it in the system

– entered really YOUR address – and not the contract address or the address you have sent the payment to.

In case of any additional questions, you can always contact us.

I do not receive a registration acknowledgment letter, what to do?

Despite the fact that Datarius sends newsletters only to its own users, some postal services may land the correspondence to the spam. Therefore, first of all, check your SPAM folder. If you still do not receive the activation e-mail, you can try to register with another mailbox (later it can be changed). If you do not have such opportunity, you should immediately contact us to promptly resolve your problem.


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